Tesla Model S - Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend
Navajo Tribal Park Model S
Sunday, August 7, 2016
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Antelope Canyon
Never heard of Antelope Canyon? You might not know it by name, but you're likely to recognize it. On Windows 7 look for it in your bundled Wallpapers. On Mac OS X look for in your bundled Desktop Pictures.

I've repeatedly seen those and other pictures of this beautiful naturally-sculpted sandstone canyon reshaped by wind and rain for years I've thought, "I want to go see it myself." Today was my chance.

TimeEventRange Remaining
8:40 amDeparted Tuba City258
9:58 amArrived Lower Antelope Canyon182
Range/Distance ratio: 0.97
Conditions: Downhill, 99°F

Preparing to enter Antelope Canyon   Tuba City Antelope Canyon
Located within and managed by the Navajo Tribal Park, this unique site can only be seen by guided tours because of the confined and limited space of the canyon and the danger should there be a flood. I reserved with Ken's Tours months in advance.

Entering Antelope Canyon I could not be more pleased with the tour. It began with a decent down ladders and steep staircases into the lower end of Lower Antelope Canyon. The kids had no problem working our way through the winding slot canyon.

On this 400-meter tour, we could see and touch a blend of orange, pink, and purple hues on these wave-like shapes frozen, for today, into solid sand. These are the kinds of sites I wanted my family to see.

In Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon

After the two-hour tour it was time for lunch. We found an flavorful Mexican restaurant in Page, Arizona, two miles west.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

A short distance south, on the way back, was the trailhead to an overlook of Horseshoe Bend, an extremely curved valley cut by the Colorado River.

TimeEventRange Remaining
2:02 pmDeparted Page, Arizona168
2:12 pmArrived Horseshoe Bend161
Range/Distance ratio: 1.4
Conditions: 99°F

Be careful where you step because behind us is a 1000-foot sheer drop!

Family at Horseshoe Bend

The kids were getting tired and the temperature was hot, so after a few pictures we headed back.

Destination Charging at Moenkopi Legacy Inn
TimeEventRange Remaining
3:02 pmDeparted Horseshoe Bend160
4:10 pmArrived Moenkopi Legacy Inn65
Range/Distance ratio: 1.37
Conditions: Uphill, 99°F

The drive back was easy in this remote area. When we arrived a white Model S was there to become a neighbor to mine, both of them charging tonight. Meanwhile the kids were eager to drop into the pool. We took our time enjoying the water in this heat, then had a pleasant dinner before bedtime.

Cost to Charge: $0

Tesla charging at Moenkopi Legacy Inn

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