Tesla Model S - The Road Trip Begins
Monument Valley West Mitten Model S
Friday, August 5, 2016
Days Charging at
Destination   Supercharger
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Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger
Our goal this day is simply to cross the Mojave desert so we can enter "Indian Country". My son completed his last day of Science Camp at CSU Long Beach at noon on Friday. We therefore could leave only after the family ate lunch in that area. By 1 pm we were on our way.

But just as we were approaching Victoria Gardens, my son says he has to pee. It so happens we found Superchargers there.

TimeEventRange Remaining
12:54 pmDeparted Long Beach233
2:00 pmArrive Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger161
Range/Distance ratio: 1.26
Conditions: Traffic, 90°F

Victoria Gardens Supercharger

Nevertheless the car collected energy during this unexpected stop. After this bathroom break we were on our way again.

Cost to Charge: $0

Barstow Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
2:16 pmDeparted Rancho Cucamonga202
3:19 pmArrived Barstow Supercharger121
Range/Distance ratio: 1.25
Conditions: Uphill, 105°F

As our first planned stop, I plugged in the car and took the children to the local Chili's for a bathroom break. Then I ordered two chocolate milks to-go to help refresh the kids. Knowing that the next leg was two hours of driving, I wanted to be sure to take the time for them to be ready.

Barstow Supercharger

During the time it took to get the children comfortable and ready for the next leg of travel, the car charged at the Supercharger.

Cost to Charge: $0

Needles Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
3:44 pmDeparted Barstow199
5:54 pmArrived Needles Supercharger30
Range/Distance ratio: 1.14
Conditions: Some drafting, 110°F

Shortly after leaving Barstow, we departed I-15 and began on I-40, a freeway I had not been on since I was a child, to cross the Mojave desert. The drive took us through desert heat, and I took advantage of a few aggressive truck drivers to draft so I could save energy despite driving fast. One way or another I knew I could make it to the Needles Supercharger, it was only a question of when.

Needles Supercharger

Once we arrived and plugged in, the kids chose a nearby Carl's Jr for dinner. Mine was the only Tesla in the area, a common trucker's stop.

Cost to Charge: $0

Needles Kingman Map

Kingman, Arizona
TimeEventRange Remaining
6:52 pmDeparted Needles202
7:47 pmArrived Kingman, Arizona99
Range/Distance ratio: 1.63
Conditions: Uphill, 110°F

This was a short but uphill leg, gaining elevation from 514 feet to 3363 feet, but also the one where we cross into Arizona (see top), the first time for my children. Despite a transition into sunset, it was still quite hot outside.

Kingman Arizona Supercharger

Arriving in Kingman with plenty of range, we first checked into the closest hotel to the Supercharger, the West Kingman Motel 6. I settled the kids in the room, letting them view the movie Cars, which drew inspiration Route 66 and many of our upcoming destinations.

I then moved the car to the Supercharger (also near a Carl's Jr). Considering that mine was the only Tesla around, I had little compunction to use it like a Destination charger, charging overnight while we slept.

Cost to Charge: $0

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