Tesla Model S - Route 66 & Meteor Crater
Meteor Crater Model S
Saturday, August 6, 2016
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Kingman, Arizona
Now our adventure can really begin. While I took the kids to breakfast at the nearby Calico's restaurant, I used the Tesla app in my phone to direct my car to top off its charge from the Supercharger.

After breakfast, I collected the car and the kids and packed all our luggage back into the car.

Railroad Park

Kingman Supercharger
Kingman offers several fun sites. I took the kids to Kingman's Locomotive Park just down the street, where a full-sized locomotive, tender, and caboose are on display for the public to explore.
Kingman Route 66 Museum Kingman offers a Route 66 Museum exhibiting the history since the 1800's of how the area and its routes of travel evolved. We learned that a major migration towards this area was driven by the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

It was also ironic that the ground floor of this museum includes an electric car museum, showing various obscure electric vehicles spanning the last century. The collection is punctuated by the battery-powered Buckeye Bullet 2.5, which achieved a record 307 mph.

But it did not seem like any of these electric cars could complete a road trip like we were executing.
Electric car museum Electric car museum

After a little bit of gift shopping, we were ready to embark on the next leg of our journey.

Route 66

Kingman Seligman Map

Actually I decided to take the longer path, along historic Route 66, rather than the shorter I-40, just because I've never been there before.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful and surprisingly green. We took our time to see these sights.

Peach Springs, Arizona
Peach (not Radiator) Springs, Arizona

From Kingman through Seligman, every once in a while the kids and I could see a car that looks like Mater, or Sheriff, or Red, or Doc Hudson. In fact we made a game of it.

Hualapai Reservation

Seligman, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona
TimeEventRange Remaining
9:34 amDeparted Kingman, Arizona252
12:20 pmArrived Flagstaff Supercharger31
Range/Distance ratio: 1.34
Conditions: Slow, some rain, modest uphill

The trip here was longer than scheduled because of our excursion through Route 66. After we plugged in, we ate lunch at the local Olive Garden.

Cost to Charge: $0

Flagstaff Supercharger
Meteor Crater

Flagstaff Meteor Crater Map

TimeEventRange Remaining
1:40 pmDeparted Flagstaff247
2:24 pmArrived Meteor Crater197
Range/Distance ratio: 1.08
Conditions: Incoming thunderstorm, 87°F

Meteor Crater

50,000 years ago a meteor impacted here to create this crater. Much research has uncovered the evidence of this impact. On display is an actual piece of that ancient meteorite. It's a fascinating and unique location.

We took a guided tour outside where we took a few pictures. A storm from the west was approaching exhibiting lighting strikes, prompting the staff to bring us back inside. The iron deposits from the meteor impact at the ridge line of the crater could potentially attract lightning, so that is an issue.

Nevertheless the kids and I enjoyed our visit.

Touching Meteorite

Meteor Crater Panoramic

Flagstaff, Arizona
TimeEventRange Remaining
4:04 pmDeparted Meteor Crater196
4:51 pmArrived Flagstaff Supercharger128
Range/Distance ratio: 1.51
Conditions: Rain

Once we completed our visit to the crater, we departed for our hotel stay. Our route took us straight into the thunderstorm, so we encountered rain.

Flagstaff Tuba City

Flagstaff Supercharger

We actually had enough range to make the trip without a charge, but the kids decided that we should have a bathroom break halfway.

Cost to Charge: $0

Destination Charging at Moenkopi Legacy Inn
TimeEventRange Remaining
5:01 pm PDTDeparted Flagstaff, Arizona163
7:15 pm MDTArrived Moenkopi Legacy Inn84
Range/Distance ratio: 0.975
Conditions: 85°F

We were relieved to arrive at the Moenkopi Legacy Inn and Suites in Tuba City, Arizona. After we checked in, I plugged in my car to their Destination Charging location, fully and correctly designated for EVs. They had J1772 stalls as well.

Tesla charging at Moenkopi Legacy Inn

The kids and I spent some time enjoying the Moenkopi's excellent pool to relax. Then we enjoyed dinner at the neighboring Denny's before calling it a night.

Cost to Charge: $0

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