Tesla Model S - Hill Aerospace Museum
Hill Aerospace Museum Model S
Saturday, August 13, 2016
Days Charging at
Destination   Supercharger
0 1
Hill Aerospace Museum
TimeEventRange Remaining
8:36 amDeparted Red Lion Inn249
9:07 amArrived Hill Aerospace Museum219
Range/Distance ratio: 1.21

Near the Hill Air Force Base, the Hill Aerospace Museum features a wide collection of aircraft, particularly military aircraft, collected over the last century.

F-86F Sabre


Sikorsky Helicopter and SR-71

Nephi Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
11:06 amDeparted Hill Aerospace Museum218
12:42 pmArrived Nephi Supercharger83
Range/Distance ratio: 1.15
Conditions: 80-mph speed limit, 90°F
Nephi Supercharger

After a bit of shopping for the kids at the museum, we drove south to have lunch at JC Mickelson's Restaurant next to the Nephi Supercharger.

On this entire trip the only time we almost had trouble charging was when a gas car blocks a place where electric cars charge. Among EV drivers such spots are said to be "ICEd". At Nephi, four Tesla Supercharger stalls were filled by Miata club members on tour through Utah.

Fortunately for today mine was the only Tesla around, and there were two stalls remaining. While we were having lunch the Miata drivers returned and looked at my car with a look that seemed like it was the first time they saw a Tesla charging.

Cost to Charge: $0

Nephi Supercharger
These are not Tesla's.

Beaver Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
1:40 pmDeparted Nephi245
3:11 pmArrived Beaver Supercharger96
Range/Distance ratio: 1.12
Conditions: 80-mph speed limit, 90°F
Beaver Supercharger

This segment of driving drove by beautiful farmland and natural rock formations, changing as we traveled south.

Keeping to my rule of a bathroom break no more than about every two hours we stopped at the Beaver Supercharger for that and some smoothies at the nearby Dairy Queen. If you look ahead to the next leg we had enough charge in the car to make the next leg. Mine was the only Tesla to be seen.

Cost to Charge: $0

Beaver Brian Head
Destination Charging at Grand Lodge, Brian Head, Utah

Tesla at Brian Head

TimeEventRange Remaining
3:51 pmDeparted Beaver222
4:39 pmArrived Grand Lodge at Brian Head139
Range/Distance ratio: 1.3
Conditions: 72°F

At 9600-feet elevation, Brian Head, Utah, is a ski resort in winter, so they have plenty of vacancy in summer. There, the Grand Lodge has a Tesla Destination Charger. The location works well for us because it is a bit east of I-15, so it's closer to our destinations tomorrow, and close in altitude to our destinations, so we don't have to use as much charge climbing uphill. The weather is also cooler.

Tesla charging at Grand Lodge Brian Head

Once we checked in, I moved the car to the Tesla charger. While my car was filling with energy, we relaxed in the pool, then had a pleasant dinner in the wooded outdoors here.

Cost to Charge: $0

   Trees at Grand Lodge Brian Head

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