Tesla Model S - Bryce Canyon & Red Canyon
Red Canyon Model S
Sunday, August 14, 2016
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Cedar Breaks National Monument With no Supercharger stops today, we travelled to these sights entirely on one charge.

A short distance south of Brian Head was Cedar Breaks National Monument. We took a short stop at the north lookout and its Visitor's Center to the south.

Cedar Breaks Viewpoint

Cedar Breaks

We then continued to Bryce. Brian Head Cedar Breaks Bryce Map

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon Sign
TimeEventRange Remaining
8:41 amDeparted Brian Head254
10:33 amArrived Bryce Canyon Visitor's Center197
Range/Distance ratio: 0.814
Conditions: Downhill, Uphill

At the Visitor's Center we began our children on their Junior Ranger Patches while we planned out our hikes. We drove and parked at the Bryce Lodge to access our first hikes and view of Bryce itself. They were breathtaking.

Bryce Canyon Lodge

Bryce Amphitheater View

After these hikes we returned to the Lodge for lunch, then drove to the Mossy Cave trailhead for some additional hikes.

The Hoodoos there were beautiful and pristine. The hike lead us by a stream of clear water brightly lit because the river bed was actually made of limestone, far more reflective than your usual mud river bank. The water was cool. We found a waterfall as well.

Bryce North Hoodoos

Bryce North Waterfall Mossy Cave

On our drive back we found a great view of Tropic Canyon.

Tropic Canyon View

These sights were amazing to see. My wife decided that day we were coming back someday.

We then returned to the Bryce Visitor's Center to complete our kids' Junior Ranger Patches.

Bryce Junior Range Patch

Red Canyon
TimeEventRange Remaining
3:40 pmDeparted Bryce Canyon Visitor's Center171
Range/Distance ratio: 0.93
Conditions: Downhill

Red Canyon is on the way back from Bryce, so I planned a stop there. It's a beautiful example of Aztec Sandstone formations with their distinct red color.

Red Wall

Destination Charging at Grand Lodge, Brian Head, Utah
TimeEventRange Remaining
4:14 pmDeparted Red Canyon Visitor's Center157
5:16 pmArrived Grand Lodge at Brian Head88
Range/Distance ratio: 1.47
Conditions: Uphill

Our daughter and my wife napped while I drove back, passing by Panguitch Lake. The whole drive was beautiful to see, passing by green forests and grazing cattle and horses.

We came back at a comfortable time so play in the pool there before dinner while the car was plugged in and charging.

Cost to Charge: $0

Tesla charging at Grand Lodge Brian Head

Brian Head

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