Tesla Model S - Zion Canyon & Kolob Canyons
Kolob Canyon La Verkin Mitten Model S
Monday, August 15, 2016
Days Charging at
Destination   Supercharger
0 1
Kolob Canyons
TimeEventRange Remaining
8:36 amDeparted Brian Head242
9:36 amArrived Kolob Canyon Visitor's Center207
Range/Distance ratio: 0.7
Conditions: Downhill

We packed up and headed south. I intentionally did not charge to full because I knew that the car would recharge going down hill. It turned out I charged too much requiring that I use brakes much more than I wanted.

Hanging Valley

Our first stop was Kolob Canyons, an area technically inside Zion National Park but is accessed via I-15 separate from the main entrance. Our initial hike was the Timber Creek Overlook, but everywhere along the way the green vegetation growing on the angled red rock with the morning lighting made it seem like we were driving (and hiking) into a beautiful painting. Brian Head Kolob Zion

Timber Creek Overlook Parking

Our next stop was Zion.

Zion Canyon National Park

Zion National Park Sign
TimeEventRange Remaining
10:54 amDeparted Timber Creek Trailhead191
12:01 pmArrived Zion Visitor's Center154
Range/Distance ratio: 0.822
Conditions: Downhill, 97°F

Zion was unusually packed with traffic and visitors. Officially they do not allow visitors to drive into the park, having them take the shuttle bus instead. Consequently the parking lot at the Visitor's Center was full. But we were happy to find two J1772 EV charging spots. If I did not take this spot, I would be blocking a gas car from taking a non-EV spot, so I actually felt morally obligated to plug in my car here and fill up. Note: This was the only time on the entire trip I used a charging adapter I own.

I spoke briefly with the owner of the neighboring Tesla; she was visiting this Utah destination from Santa Barbara, California. We appreciate the forward thinking of Zion National Park.

Zion Canyon EV charging

Zion Lodge

We reached Zion Lodge to have lunch, from which we hiked to Lower Emerald Pool to see the waterfall. All the while we collected the clues to complete our children's Junior Ranger Patches.

Zion St George Vegas

Zion Junior Ranger Patch

St. George Supercharger
With our visit to Zion complete, plus some extra EV charging that wasn't on my itinerary, we headed to the next Supercharger for dinner.

TimeEventRange Remaining
4:50 pmDeparted Zion Visitor's Center213
5:52 pmArrived St. George Supercharger167
6:22 pmCharging Complete235
Range/Distance ratio: 1.02
Conditions: Downhill, 104°F

It was hot now that we were below 3000 feet elevation. Our next hotel was only 124 miles away so I knew 230 miles of range was plenty at any speed I would choose.

Cost to Charge: $0

St. George Supercharger
Destination Charging at The Mirage, Las Vegas
TimeEventRange Remaining
6:53 pmDeparted St. George233
7:40 pmArrived Mirage Las Vegas68
Range/Distance ratio: 1.33
Conditions: Fast, 104°F

We arrived at the Mirage, a repeat visit after our stay two months ago. My wife wanted to stay here, probably because it was familiar and known to be comfortable. The valet had no problem taking my car to be plugged in. Our family then showered and settled in for the night.

Cost to Charge: $0

Tesla charging at The Mirage

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