Tesla Model S - Dinosaur National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument Model S
Thursday, August 9, 2018
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Douglas Pass, Colorado

Douglas Pass

TimeEventRange Remaining
9:37 amDeparted Grand Junction233
11:47 amArrived Dinosaur National Monument Canyon Entrance109
Range/Distance ratio: 1.11
Conditions: Hot

We drove from Grand Junction north on highway 139 through Douglas Pass, a windy road through the Green River formation, to reach our first stop this day at Dinosaur National Monument. We stopped by the Visitors Center at the Canyon entrance first to pick up Junior Ranger books for my children.

The Canyon entrance leads to many views and adventures, but because of limited time today our focus was to get to the Fossil Quarry.

Dinosaur National Monument Canyon Area

But before we go this was a good time for lunch, so we went to Dinosaur, Colorado, just two miles away to enjoy the one diner it had. My children began some of the Junior Ranger activities here while we waited for our food.

After lunch we continued west, crossing into Utah. This National Monument straddles two states.

Entering Utah

Dinosaur National Monument, Fossil Bone Quarry
TimeEventRange Remaining
1:51 pmDeparted Dinosaur, Colorado106
2:35 pmArrived Fossil Bone Quarry Visitors Center86
Range/Distance ratio: 0.74
Conditions: Downhill, 97°F

Now that we were on the Utah side, we entered the Fossil Bone Quarry of Dinosaur National Monument. Here the park provides a tram up to the actual quarry, otherwise we would have to hike up in the heat.

Dinosaur National Monument Visitors Center

This region has long been a treasure trove of fossils, but the presentation of these fossils is unique here in that the hillside itself is enclosed in a huge air-conditioned building specifically design to allow anyone to view these fossils up close and see them the way paleontologists might discover them, except for the heat.

Blanding Four Corners

This is what we really came for today. My children, especially my son, diligently and enthusiastically completed their Junior Ranger books here.

Vernal, Utah
TimeEventRange Remaining
3:34 pmDeparted Dinosaur National Monument79
4:51 pmArrived Vernal55
Range/Distance ratio: 1.14
Conditions: 103°F

We checked into the Springhill Suites in Vernal, Utah. However this is the first place on this trip that is not on the Tesla Destination network. I first found on PlugShare the Fossil Valley RV Park offers to charge electric cars in Vernal. The PlugShare description of this site showed it was common for travelers like ourselves to book a night at the nearby Springhill Suites and charge here.

Cost to Charge: $10

Vernal Model S

I can confirm in the PlugShare description that the operator of the Fossil Valley RV Park is very knowledgeable about the needs of electric cars. It was certainly the best place to charge for hundreds of miles and made possible our visit to Dinosaur National Monument.

I'm glad they provide this service, and they've got a good thing going at least until a few enterprising hotel operators in Vernal join the Tesla Destination Network.

While the car charged at the RV park, the children and I enjoyed the pool and had dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant before turning in for the night.

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