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Monday, August 13, 2018
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Firehole Canyon Drive
Yesterday was just a preview, but today was our first full day visiting world-famous Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Caledra, located in the center of this first National Park, is actually an active volcano. The largest supervolcano on North America, this caldera erupted several times in the last two million years. Today it hosts half of the world's geysers and hydrothermal features.

After picking up Junior Ranger books for the children, we started our visit with a drive through Firehole Canyon taking many pictures along the way.

Firehole Canyon Drive

Applying what I learned from driving a trip on one charge, I experimented online with all kinds of driving routes in Yellowstone and quickly determined that there was no plausible way I would run out of charge before we returned. It turns out the tourists would slow us down so much we ran out of time long before we could possibly run out of range.

Lower Geyser Basin We arrived at Fountain Paint Pot trail to hike near the Celestine Pool, Fountain Paint Pots, and the Fountain and Morning Geysers. It was funny to see the children's reaction to the smells of sulfur, holding their noses. For me the sulfur-infused warm steam surrounding me triggered memories of my youth and made me smile.

Celestine Pool

Firehole Canyon Drive is one of many parts of Yellowstone meant to be toured from the car. This Tesla gave us the perfect way to do that, driving in silence to cause as little disturbance as possible to the environment, the wildlife, and other tourists.

We then drove through Lower Geyser Basin, visiting Firehole Spring, the Great Fountain Geyser, and White Dome Geyser (see top picture).

Now that it was lunchtime, we continued to the Upper Geyser Basin to have lunch and attend a Ranger talk. We returned to Old Faithful to see the geyser erupt a second time.

Then we returned north to Midway Geyser Basin to see the Excelsior Geyser Crater, the Grand Prismatic Spring, and Turquoise Pool.

Grand Prismatic Spring

West Yellowstone
Once we realized it was getting too late in the day to see much more of Yellowstone, we returned to the west entrance. The road there again was congested. Along the way a storm moved in to start raining.

TimeEventRange Remaining
9:45 amDepart West Yellowstone240
5:30 pmArrive West Yellowstone153
Range/Distance ratio: 1.14
Conditions: Traffic, construction, crowds, sightseeing

That was a great first full day in Yellowstone. Because my son is the same age now as the last time I visited Yellowstone over three decades earlier, I told him he should remember this well because the next time he is here could well be when he brings along his children.

Beaver Brian Head
Holiday Inn, West Yellowstone
We took a swim at the pool at the Holiday Inn, then found a charming local pizzeria restaurant, Wild West Pizzeria, to have dinner. All the restaurants were surprisingly busy, but then again the Park was extremely busy with tour buses of tourists from every country it seemed.

When we returned, I plugged in so the car would charge under the rain.

Cost to Charge: $0

Tesla charging at Grand Lodge Brian Head

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