Tesla Model S - Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore Model S
Friday, August 17, 2018
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Mount Rushmore
After breakfast at the Bavarian Mountain Inn, we packed up and checked out. If only we had more time here, but there was so much more to see. I charged to only 90% because I knew that was plenty for all our stops today.

Our first destination was world-famous Mount Rushmore. On the way we found white mountain goats blocking the road until they continued grazing on the other side, so we took some pictures. Once we reached Rushmore, the sight is unmistakable. We quickly obtained Junior Ranger books and made our way down the Avenue of Flags. The presentation of Mount Rushmore encourages everyone to take pictures with the granite faces almost every step of the way. Because it is so easy to see the whole way, it doesn't seem at first to be as large as it really is. Once you take the Presidential Trail to the base the size is clearly enormous, looking up the Presidents' nostrils.

We spent many hours here, including in the Visitors Center where we read and the exhibits and the video about how it was built. So fascinating.

After Rushmore we drove to Crazy Horse Memorial to have lunch and take more pictures and see the exhibits. Afterwards we drove south to Wind Cave.

Goats at Rushmore

Rushmore Nostrils

Wind Cave National Park

TimeEventRange Remaining
8:39 amDeparted Bavarian Inn218
2:20 pmArrived Wind Cave National Park157
Range/Distance ratio: 0.968
Conditions: 74°F

Other than the wildlife on the surface, Wind Cave is almost entirely underground. It was so named in the 19th century because the difference in pressure and temperature between the surface air and and the miles and miles of limestone-enclosed chambers below drive surprisingly strong winds through the few natural openings to the surface.

We came to take the Natural Entrance Tour, a guided Ranger walking tour down to 204 feet below the surface to see "boxwork" and other formations unique to this cave, ending with an elevator ride back up. The problem was, by the time we arrived, the elevator was out of service. So we explored the Visitors Center and completed as much of the Junior Ranger booklets as we could. To everyone's surprise, the elevators came back online and we immediately booked a spot for the next Natural Entrance Tour. I'm very glad we were able to do it because it was very exciting for our whole family.

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park

Custer Supercharger
After a great visit at Wind Cave National Park, we returned to Custer for dinner.

TimeEventRange Remaining
5:41 pmDeparted Wind Cave National Park154
6:09 pmArrived Custer Supercharger123
Range/Distance ratio: 1.48

This Supercharger site only appeared long after I planned out the route, so its appearance was very convenient. We had the best pizza on the entire trip at Pizza Mill while charging in Custer. I highly recommend. Looking at how many come in and out of here for take out pizza, the locals agree.

Cost to Charge: $0

Custer Supercharger

Custer Purple Pie Place

Following dinner and a nice fill-up, my children were exciting to get dessert at the unmistakable Purple Pie Place in Custer.

Lusk Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
7:20 pmDeparted Custer235
9:06 pmArrived Lusk Supercharger113
Range/Distance ratio: 1.11
Conditions: Fast, 70 mph speed limit
Lusk Supercharger

We zipped south on highways 385, 89, and 18 before reentering Wyoming one last time on our trip. I was doing my best to obey the speed limit.

Soon we arrived at the Covered Wagon Motel to check in, which also hosts a Supercharger.

Cost to Charge: $0

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