Tesla Model S - Returning Home
Las Vegas Supercharger Model S
Thursday, August 23, 2018
Days Charging at
Destination   Supercharger
0 1
Eureka Mesquite, Nevada
Today we cross the Mojave Desert as soon as reasonably possible. We had breakfast at the Eureka resort, packed up, and left.

Some portion of the storm seemed to follow us, but the desert was just too hot for it to do much else.

Eureka Mesquite Charging
South Las Vegas Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
9:56 amDeparted Mesquite239
11:18 amArrived South Las Vegas Supercharger117
Range/Distance ratio: 1.37
Conditions: Interstate, then downtown Las Vegas traffic, 99°F

We zipped south on I-15 and decided we were hungry enough to have lunch at the Lazy Dog Restaurant here while the car charged (top picture on page) with the Las Vegas skyline to the north.

Cost to Charge: $0

In principle we needed at most one more Supercharger to return home. But I knew the children needed more stops, so I was certain charge is no problem today. My strategy was simply to keep to the speed limits.

Baker Supercharger

Baker Thermometer

Baker Supercharger

TimeEventRange Remaining
12:28 pmLeaving Las Vegas228
1:50 pmArrived Baker Supercharger139
Range/Distance ratio: 1.01
Conditions: Fast, 104°F

The desert was hot. I made a point of photographing the Baker thermometer this time. When I asked the kids, they said yes to a bathroom break, for certain. I offered the children whatever snack or drink at the Dairy Queen they wanted.

Cost to Charge: $0

Bathroom Anxiety

Barstow Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
2:09 pmDeparted Baker191
3:09 pmArrived Barstow Supercharger90
Range/Distance ratio: 1.46
Conditions: Fast, 103°F

Again, the kids wanted a restroom break, just to be sure. My wife decided to take them to the Starbucks so they can get another round of drinks. Bathroom Anxiety

Cost to Charge: $0

Barstow Supercharger
Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger
TimeEventRange Remaining
3:35 pmDeparted Barstow171
4:35 pmArrived Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger97
Range/Distance ratio: 1.12
Conditions: 103°F

After a quick stop in Barstow, we were back on the Interstate. Unlike two years ago we encountered no fire to block our passage through Cajon Pass. But again the children needed a restroom break, just to be sure. Bathroom Anxiety

Cost to Charge: $0

Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger

But we knew rush-hour Thursday traffic was ahead, so we advised the children we should have dinner here at the Kabuki at Victoria Gardens because that would save at least a half hour of time overall.

TimeEventRange Remaining
6:04 pmDeparted Rancho Cucamonga240
7:05 pmArrived Home180
Range/Distance ratio: 1.03
Conditions: Traffic, 73°F

After 6 pm the traffic begins to decline, so we continued home in relatively straightforward driving. A couple of us really needed the restroom when we got home. Bathroom Anxiety


Dean E. Dauger holds a Ph. D. in physics from UCLA, where his group created the first Mac cluster in 1998. Dr. Dauger is the award-winning author in multiple American Institute of Physics' Software Contests and co-authored the original, award-winning Kai's Power Tools image-processing package for Adobe Photoshop. After founding his company, Dauger Research, Inc., its debut product, Pooch, derived from Dr. Dauger's experience using clusters for his physics research, was soon awarded as "most innovative" by IEEE Cluster and continues to revolutionize parallel computing and clusters worldwide with its patented technology.

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