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Tesla Model S - Car from the Future
My previous car was a 2001 BMW M3, and I wanted a bigger car, for my family of four, whose performance could also exceed that of my M3. This Tesla Model S was the answer. These pages chronicle our adventures in a high-performance electric car.

Battery Composition Li-Ion (7000+ x Panasonic 18650)
Battery Capacity85 kWh
EPA-rated maximum range265 miles
Weekly "fuel" cost (averaged)Under $10
Typical daily charge scheduleMidnight to 3 am
Human time spent per typical refuel2 seconds conveniently plugging in at home Tesla Plug In
Typical daily starting range240 miles
Seats5 + 2
Rear cargo capacity (seats up/down)26.3/58.1 cubic feet
Front cargo capacity 5.3 cubic feet
MotorRear-mounted AC induction motor
- no permanent magnets, no rare-earth metals, no brushes, one moving part
TransmissionDirect 9.73:1
- no gearbox, no clutch, no torque converter
Power416 hp (320 kW)
Redline18,000 rpm
0-60 time4.2 seconds
HOV lane accessWhite sticker HOV White Sticker exp. 2019
Odometer after first year of ownership15,001 miles
Odometer after second year of ownership31,325 miles
Odometer after third year of ownership45,611 miles
Odometer after fourth year of ownership61,423 miles
Odometer after fifth year of ownership75,406 miles

Blue Tesla Model S

50000 miles after three years
Reached 50,000 miles, on I-15 crossing the Mojave desert, air conditioning on with 112°F outdoors at 5:51 pm on Father's day.

trunk   trunk

Tesla frunk cash register See more about this electric car's cargo capacity.

I charge this car where I sleep 99% of the year. This graph shows the cumulative history of where I charge. Details

Dean E. Dauger holds a Ph. D. in physics from UCLA, where his group created the first Mac cluster in 1998. Dr. Dauger is the award-winning author in multiple American Institute of Physics' Software Contests and co-authored the original, award-winning Kai's Power Tools image-processing package for Adobe Photoshop. After founding his company, Dauger Research, Inc., its debut product, Pooch, derived from Dr. Dauger's experience using clusters for his physics research, was soon awarded as "most innovative" by IEEE Cluster and continues to revolutionize parallel computing and clusters worldwide with its patented technology.

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